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Orange Box group that covers all things Valve and I can't get rid of this because it is coupled with the tag line, way to go dA.
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Dec 9, 2009


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:bulletred:Welcome to the Orange-Box Fan Club:bulletred:
Hey their welcome to the Orange-Box Group or OBFC we are anything and everything Valve related from PC to consoles, and indie titles that use the Source engine. Since were are a Valve fan art community and we take any style of any art imaginable(not porn). We will also find you content from the Mod community, Valve fan community and Valve themselves for your enjoyment so welcome.

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Help us upgrade to a super group. Cake and beer promised but not guaranteed….

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Support "Portal: Origins [part 2]" on Kickstarter!

[PSA] Valve Might Kill Steam Trading by Valve News Network

:bulletred:Mods to review::bulletred:
Half-Rats: A Fever Dream: TBD
Stargate TC - SG1 Missions : Remod: TBD
Firefight Reloaded: TBD…
Hangover: TBD

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INFRA- In beta testing

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Oh before we get to the news I'm just giving an update to the Portal: Origins Part 2 Kickstarter project and still it's not going well it's only $1,947 USD out of $15,000 USD with only 13 days to go so please get the word out on this project and support the Kickstarter.

Also another quick promo that Harry101UK is doing a quick message out to everyone that Portal Stories: Mel which he worked on and I mention that the Video Game Awards has nominated the mod for best fan creation and just getting the word out on it.

Portal: Origins Part 2 Kickstarter page-…
Portal Stories: Mel - We need your support! by Harry101UK-

Alright it's another week with the Legend of Gordon mod week 4 already with a new map called "The Ruins" with a huge story and lots of images of that map of course. But also a concept of the overworld of the maps but right now it's in its beginning stages of the design. Lastly he stated that there will possibly some video content to show off the progress of the project.

Legend of Gordon - Weekly Update #4 Moddb blog post-…

Lastly for the night this is for you CS players there was a Kotaku article on "How Counter-Strike's Bullets Actually Work" and if your interested it's about hitbox on models with these factors in play and it's interesting with vid's from 3kliksphilip to back it up.

How Counter-Strike's Bullets Actually Work Kotkau blog post-…

-Shadow out
(Slow news day)

A new update from Master Sword: Continued 1.2 Half-Life mod wow that's a mouthful anyway there new post is about the patch that they were going to release during Halloween but they tactical more bugs, framework clean up on the mod also new maps and map fixes of course. The list of changes, add-ons, etc is so big it's big Dota fix levels so I'll just post up the link for you all to check out.

NOV2015a Update! Patch of the Spiders! Master Sword Moddb blog post-…

-Shadow out
Now I just uploaded the Der Schawarze Nebel review last night and ugh I don't recommend it just to sum it up anyway let's get on with the news...

First up two mods are ready to download called "FIREFIGHT RELOADED" for Steam and "Hangover" for Moddb (not related to the movie but was in development for six years which we never heard of. and so here are there stories...

Firefight Reloaded:
(From Steam page)

"Welcome to FIREFIGHT RELOADED, where the greatest warrior is determined by how many enemies they kill. Customize your experience with loads of countless options to choose from. Use your quick movement and overpowered footwear to be the best in the battlefield."

(From Moddb page)

"In this single player level for Half-Life 2, Gordon Freeman (the player) finds himself on the sea shore with a terrible hangover. He is surrounded by empty beer bottles a few Headcrab corpses and a bicycle. Does not remember anything about how he got there or what happened there and the night before. Sets off to find out and as usual gets into a bunch of “fun” activities along the way."

Next we have a new mod that has been in development for 2 years called "Half-Life: Omega Protocol" and here is the story...

(From Moddb blog post)

"What would happen if the nuke didn't go off in Black Mesa? Have a play of Omega Protocol, as a Black Mesa mechanic in Black Mesa's hostile environments."

Wow that's interesting perspective if this happened but looking from the blog post that went up it had a lot of images and a possible release date of late 2016 but I don't know this mod may not make it.

Lastly in mod news the Half-Rats team yep that team which I still need to review there first mod is working on there sequel already called "Half-Rats: Parasomnia" and this huge blog post goes into major depth on concepts, story, wip models/maps and it's a huge read.

Hangover Moddb page-
2 Years of development Half-Life: Omega Moddb blog post-…
Half-Rats: Parasomnia Rears Its Head Moddb blog post-…

Now on Dota news is mainly from yesterday the winners of the first Dota Major's at Frankfurt was Team OG winning 3-1 against Team Secret. Then Valve announced the next Majors ie Winter Majors will be called The Shanghai Major which will take place at the Mercedes Benz Arena from March 2-6, 2016 in Shanghai, China. Also at the end of the Dota blog post they stated that a new map is on the way and it's going to be a desert map and new tech for Dota 2 during December which is interesting.

The Frankfurt Major Champions Dota blog post-…
Valve have announced the Dota 2 Shanghai Major PC Gamer blog post-…

Ok now for the vids for the week and first off I just mention Firefight Reloaded well Valve News Network did a review on it already but don't worry I'll do my own once I get to it...

Valve News Network vids:
[PSA] Valve Might Kill Steam Trading-
Firefight Reloaded - VNN Reviews-
Left 4 Dead - Never startle a Witch by Paichichi & Reizo Cosplay-
Free Your Mind by Fatpiepro-
Wild Turkey Surprise by OmegaMario89-
We will make them cry! by ANONYM GE-

-Shadow out
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Also we just got a steam page up for the group here
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