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Orange Box group that covers all things Valve and I can't get rid of this because it is coupled with the tag line, way to go dA.
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Help us upgrade to a super group. Cake and beer promised but not guaranteed….

Tired of Chris trolling this section with Brony crap? Then make suggestions here anyways…

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Best Moments From Half-Life 2 - ValveTime Top 5: Episode 13

Freeman's Mind Episode 61.5 by Accursed Farms

:bulletred:Welcome to the Orange-Box Fan Club:bulletred:
Hey their welcome to the Orange-Box Group or OBFC we are anything and everything Valve related from PC to consoles, and indie titles that use the Source engine. Since were are a Valve fan art community and we take any style of any art imaginable(not porn). We will also find you content from the Mod community, Valve fan community and Valve themselves for your enjoyment so welcome.

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(quick Sunday news)

PC Gamer just posted up today that according to PayPal that on November 26 and ends December 1st. But Valve hasn't announced when the Fall sale comes up plus I'm personally waiting for the big sale the Steam Winter sale.

Steam Autumn Sale starts on Wednesday, according to PayPal PC Gamer blog post-…

The TF2 map community had just released a new map pack for everyone to try out and it's called the "It's map pack time" pack and it's hosted by

-CP Vanguard
-KOTH Occult
-PL Effigy

It's map pack time page by

Lastly :iconooloncolluphid: and I are about to finalize the "How to become an admin" here so were shooting for a release window so stay tune. But if we have to postpone it we will let you all know.

-Shadow out
(Slow news)

But coming up Dreamhack Winter 2014 CS:GO Championship in Jönköping, Sweden starting November 27 to 29th. Also there is a Dreamhack Pick'Em challenge and here is what you do and get throughout the challenge...

(From Dreamhack post)

:bulletblack:Dreamhack Pick'Em challenge:bulletblack:
Your goal is to score as many points as possible by correctly picking the winning teams as the tournament progresses.

Pick'Em challenge trophy
Pick'Em Challenge Trophies are badges that are displayed on your CS:GO avatar and on your Steam profile. There are a total of 100 points to score and a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Pick'Em Challenge Trophy will be awarded for scoring 25, 50, or 75 points, respectively.

Complete with your friends
In addition to winning a trophy you can compete with your friends on the Pick'Em Friends Leaderboard. The first and second days of the event provide an opportunity to score 33 points: 32 for correct picks and 1 just for playing. Each prediction during the final day is worth 11 points allowing players to finish their Pick'Em Challenge run with 100 points total by collecting 33 more points for three correct picks and 1 just for playing on the final day.

How to play- using team stickers
To make a pick during any stage of the tournament, you must own an unused sticker for the team you choose. You can get stickers by purchasing them in game or from the Steam Community Market. A single team sticker is sufficient for picking that team multiple times throughout the event. Using a team sticker to make a pick will lock the sticker for the day. It will not be usable or tradable until the next day. Undoing a pick will not unlock the sticker. It will still be unusable and untradable until the event day is complete. Once the event day is complete, locked stickers will unlock and be usable and tradable.

Dreamhack 2014 page-…

Lastly I got to more vids one from Valvetime.nets Top 5 series on the best moments in Half-Life 2 and the second vid is on a newish Freeman's Mind by Accursed Farms called "Freeman's mind ep 61.5" so I'll link up the original that will be connected with it.

Best Moments From Half-Life 2 - ValveTime Top 5: Episode 13-
Freeman's Mind series by Accursed Farms
Episode 61-
Episode 61.5-

-Shadow out
Here you go two SFM's and four TF2 videos on worst loadouts by Muselk so your welcome...

10 Hours of Walking in Dustbowl as a Medic by The Mystery Zone-
Muselk TF2 loadout vids:
Worst Loadout In TF2 [Epic Fail]-
The Worst Loadout In TF2? Flying Scout!-
The Worst Loadout In TF2! Taunt Kill Madness!-
The Worst Loadout in TF2!-

-Shadow out
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ThePandaPastry Featured By Owner May 1, 2014
Thanks for adding me to the group. I hope i submitted to the right folder(the Portal Gauntlet in Cosplay and Crafts), because it is a physical item. Though it does look like something rendered.
DevinShadowV Featured By Owner May 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problem actually I like seeing actual items and not CG or drawings sometimes.
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Only going to stick around until I'm not needed. Mod reviews will be back as soon as I can. Although you don't need to really wait for me or Devin to post reviews. People can post their own to the journal unless dA changed things a while back.
Also the way he and I do it are just guidelines to simplify the process.
Xroswarsolider Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014
Huge thank you for adding 'Good Luck Orange Team' to your gallery. I must say it's absolutely fantastic to see a group deeply interested in the valve games. It may shock Gabe Newell to find that I'm more into their single player games. :P How I will miss them...
DevinShadowV Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
no problem if you want to join the group were always open
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The TF2 Saxxy Award winners are out! I suggest you telling them who were the winners
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my new forum, which involves Role playing and other aspects, is really REALLY quiet lately

can anyone here who reads this join it?

its located here…

thanks :D
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There is a new TF2 MVM update coming soon with killstreak weapons.
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yeah I just got word of it
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Hey not sure if its anything but SFM just got a 69.2 MB update not 3 minutes ago could be the halloween update items.
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