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Exclusive content from Reclamation Act by DevinShadowV
Exclusive content from Reclamation Act by DevinShadowV
Exclusive content from Reclamation Act by DevinShadowV
Exclusive content from Reclamation Act by DevinShadowV
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Dota 2 Lina by FeiHai
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Tf2 Valentines Day Card Spy by TROLLESTACAT
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Mr Gordon has a bad day by Pablocomics
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Left 4 Dead Franchise
L4D I Love Horses by birdofyore
Zoey by Grobi-Grafik
Salty Man by Horsecanada9
Infected Cries by Sabi13
Non GMOD Crossovers, Brony and random submissions
Sangheili-Xenomorph by Amalgamation100
Portal Franchise
'Core.' Zentangle(?) by admiraljanina
Source Filmmaker Folder 1 FULL
[SFM Overwatch]- Widow and Zenyatta by Dafomin
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Pharah - Off-duty by GeneralThunderbat

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Orange Box group that covers all things Valve and I can't get rid of this because it is coupled with the tag line, way to go dA.
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Dec 9, 2009


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:bulletred:Welcome to the Orange-Box Fan Club:bulletred:
Hey their welcome to the Orange-Box Group or OBFC we are anything and everything Valve related from PC to consoles, and indie titles that use the Source engine. Since we are a Valve fan art community and we take any style of any art imaginable (not porn). We will also find you content from the Mod community, Valve fan community and Valve themselves for your enjoyment so welcome.

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Help us upgrade to a super group. Cake and beer promised but not guaranteed…

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:bulletred::bulletgreen:Feature media:bulletgreen::bulletred:

Counter-Strike: A Brief History by Valve

Heavy's Mafia Expirience [Gmod/SFM Collab] presented by Hoovy Tube

First up in mod news we have another project is having it's one year look back in a few months and it's "Portal 2: EIDOLON" and yes we did a review on this mod and gave it a good score. So I would check this out to see the process the team has gone throughout the development of EIDOLON.

Eidolon: A Quick Look Back Moddb blog post-…
Portal 2 Eidolon Mini review:

Next up "The Trap 2: Mindlock" is doing a teaser for the soundtrack "Album Dark Force - Mindlock" since I did mention in the previous blog that when the beta launches for the mod the soundtrack will be ready to release.

The Trap 2 Score: Brand new track teaser! Moddb blog post-…
The Trap 2 Score: Brand new track teaser! vid-

Lastly in mod news is a new mod called "Entropy Zero" and here is the story for the mod...

(From Moddb main page)

"Rebels have derailed your train. You were headed for City 17, but now you’re stranded - a lone survivor. Combine rule must be enforced. Overwatch must be notified - but the rebels of City 10 will stop at nothing to retain their secret freedom. You're a badass. The worst of the feared. A dark soul thrown into the limelight. Experience a time before the fall of City 17. Distribute deadly justice. Survive the Combine plague. Raze the rebel sanctuary of City 10."

Entropy Zero Moddb page-…

Next in the Dota esport scene that foul play may have happened at the StarLadder FastCup that an amateur team was getting killed off fast one-by-one with extreme accuracy and there is a term they call "Steam Sniping"...

(From Kotaku blog post)

“Stream sniping” is the act of viewing another player’s stream to gain the upper hand, learning critical information that would otherwise be hidden. It’s the modern-day equivalent of peeking at your friend’s section of the screen in Goldeneye—and in this case affected tournament results.

There even was footage of the other team using it but the problem with this is that it's very limited and this is not hacking just looking at another monitor/screen so they can't punish them for using it but it's frowned upon in the esport community.

Dota 2 Team Accused Of Peeking At Match Stream, Which May Or May Not Be Cheating Kotaku blog post-…

Lastly for the night we have a two part VR news and first up we have a new hardware developer that is going to help out Valve and its LG will have its own VR HMD headset prototype at GDC which I completely forgot it started today and will have the SteamVR tech/ SteamVR compatibility. Also Chet Faliszek one of Valve higher ups for the VR division did confirm that this is happening so once LG has it's headset out it will be HTC Vive and LG.

LG Preparing VR HMD SteamDB blog post-…
Chet Faliszek tweet-…

Second this news I completely missed but needs to be brought up that Director Gareth Edwards most recent film "Rouge One: A Star Wars Story" was using the Steam VR platform with the HTC Vive of course and did all the digital rough camera movements in all scenes that were full digital like the space battles for example was all done on Steam VR. There is a full video from BBC that goes behind the scenes on it and I highly recommend watching it.

Watch: How ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ Used Steam VR Tracking to Shoot VFX Road to VR blog post-…
Rogue One: Visual effects revealed - BBC Click video-…

-Shadow out
Alright before we get to the long list of news for the weekday this is the final week before I close submissions and well will start voting so if you did submit for the contest page and have this to your info box for your image:

"This submission is for the :iconorange-box-group: Redemption 2017 Contest"

Please message me if you submitted to the normal galleries but want it moved over to the contest page please let me know and the link so I know which one to move.

Contest info page-
Contest gallery page-…

Now first up in mod news "The Canals" which is now just "Canals" now has a development update and it's not a good one but most to anyone can relate to this since on corrupted files without backing up. Now ReezeTheVampire the creator of the mod has been using online and external hard drive which did help a little bit. But issues still happen and in fact one of the first maps was a lost cause and had to be rebuilt from scratch. After that the usual Source SDK configurations which could be possible that Valve did a stealth update to the SDK not on purpose but it either breaks one mod or all mods but Reeze is working on the problems and see if the cause was from Valve or just something happened in the system itself. Now on the last part of Canals are some new screenshots from the mod and they don't look that bad light source on a few are a little strong but still I would check the images out.

'Weekly' Development - Week Thirteen Canals Moddb blog post-…

Next up The Trap 2: Mindlock has returned and the open beta is drawing near and all we get is in a couple of months which will included the soundtrack from the mod as well and while were waiting for the beta we have new screenshots from the blog which this is all done by one person over the course of four years is impressive.

Beta is close! The Trap 2: Mindlock Moddb blog post-…

Exterminatus (Warhammer mod) has released it's next beta update 8.60 but whats more important that the greenlight version is nearing completion with only fixing the Steam overlay and seeking permission from GamesWorkshop (owners of the Warhammer franchise) But they do talk about Valve removing Greenlight to Direct. Then the final parts of the blog is mainly talking about a look back on version 8.38 if you want to check that out but also at the end a thread for talks of version 9.0 which if GW gives them the greenlight it could be possible that 9.0 will be the greenlight update.

Exterminatus Beta 8.60 Released Moddb blog post-…

Next we have a gameplay video and Q&A with Infractem the creator of "Modern Warfare 2 Mod for CS 1.6" and it's actually a long read so I would recommend watching the video and to be honest either the gameplay needs to be smoothed out or the creator needs a better recording system because the video is pretty laggy.

New Gameplay Video + (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions Modern Warfare 2 Mod for CS 1.6 Moddb blog post-…

Lastly in mod news we have two releases “Black Mesa: Hazard course After disaster” and “PORTALHOT” so I'll get working on them soon.

Release mod Hazard Cource After Disaster Moddb blog post-…
End of competition - PORTALHOT released! Moddb blog post-…

Alright now on the TF2 side I was just informed by KritzKast a fanmade TF2 Podcast was talking about that Valve is going to be releasing a Team Fortress 2 Soundtrack similar to Portal 2 CD collection but in this case as of now VIA amazon you can get CD version which I'm going to get and or a Vinyl version yes I'm not joking you can go old school or you can go OLD SCHOOL.

Fight Songs: The Music of Team Fortress 2 Amazon page-
KritzKast #411: A box of sweets and tears Podcast page-…

Next up Jill one of the workers from Valve has sent out a Testers wanted - New compilers, same everything else! steam post so Valve needs play tester and anyone can join just need to go into the TF2 settings>Betas>Optin and select "toolchainbeta" and you’re in so I'll check out myself.

Testers wanted - New compilers, same everything else! Steam TF2 blog post-…

Lastly in TF2 community creator ABS96 from Reddit has created a minesweeper game not in TF2 but its own game via the internet no download so if you want to check it out I'll have the link and it's called "Stickysweeper"

Stickysweeper page-

Alright lastly for the night I have a few videos from yesterday that spilled over to today for your enjoyment for the weekday...

Unexpected Moments by DasMxD-
Counter-Strike: A Brief History by Valve-
Heavy's Mafia Expirience [Gmod/SFM Collab] presented by Hoovy Tube-
Tracer's Highlight Rare Easter Egg by Fanic-
TF2's State of Specialists by FUNKe-
Engagement by EyeCandryMovies-

-Shadow out
First up in mod news we have another mod that is going through Steam greenlight and this time its "Kreedz Climbing" and here is the description box about this project...

(From Steam Greenlight page)

Kreedz Climbing is a unique, non-violent, puzzle-platformer type total conversion for Half-Life 2 where the player attempts to climb or jump his or her way to the top of a given environment, in a race against time and against other players.

Derived from the 'kz' climbing levels found in Counter-Strike 1.6, Kreedz Climbing seeks to elevate climbing, strafing and bhop to the next level of graphics and gameplay with new maps, new features and new modes of play.

Scenarios in Kreedz Climbing range from realistic maps with natural or city settings, to outer-space, surrealism or the just plain weird - designs are completely open to the level designers themselves. Beat the maps as quickly as you can - build your skill when you beat your previous best time - or just finish the map! It's Gamer vs Gravity.

Having been a released mod for over eight years, we feel now is the time to attempt to become a free to play game on Steam, where we can offer better features and easy downloading and updating for players.

Kreedz Climbing Steam Greenlight page-…
Kreedz Climbing is now on Steam Greenlight! Moddb blog post-…

Lastly in mod news we have two new mods "Half-Life: Ablation" and "Resident Evil Valiant" here are the plots for both projects...

(From Moddb blog post)

"Half-Life: Ablation"

"You are playing as 26 years old H.E.C.U. Marine lance-corporal Alek Beliakov. The mod takes place 2 months after the Black-Mesa Incident. Last thing you remeber is how you were running in terror from nuclear explosion and then... Darkness..."

"Resident Evil Valiant"

"Hello, i'd like to take the time to present a nice HL1 mod called "Resident Evil Valiant" Name: Resident Evil - Valiant Mode: Singleplayer Mod: Half Life 1 / Spirit of Half Life Content: Custom Models/Maps/Textures/Sounds Levels: 5 so Far but mostly Unfinishede Finished: Unknown Style: Zombies and Grunts Team: 1 Mapper (me) Story: This Mod Takes place in the Resident Evil Universe, ur part of the Raccoon City Police Department when Hell Break loose and Zombies invade the City, ur Police Chopper is Flying around the City when being hit and Forced to land."

Half-Life: Ablation Moddb page-…
Resident Evil Valiant Moddb page-…

Well this is new from Valve themselves that they have released a new SDK and this time it's audio SDK called "Steam Audio"...Ok not the most creative title but it actually gets pretty cool. This system is pretty much in place right now if you have CS:GO in the audio options there should be a "HRTF setting" which the system will put you in a 360 degree sound and it's pretty cool.

(From Steam Audio page)

:bulletgreen:Why Steam Audio?:bulletgreen:
Steam Audio delivers a full-featured audio solution that integrates environment and listener simulation. HRTF significantly improves immersion in VR; physics-based sound propagation completes aural immersion by consistently recreating how sound interacts with the virtual environment.


Realtime Sound Propagation
Steam Audio automatically captures and computes how sounds interact and travel through the environment.

Occlusion + Reflection
Intuitive controls let you use existing scene geometry to occlude and reflect sounds.

Virtual Reality
Rotational and positional tracking, low-latency physics-based audio, and supporting a wide range of hardware to create immersive VR.

3D Audio
HRTF-based binaural rendering that minimizes frequency coloration while providing accurate localization cues.

Low-latency 3D audio for hundreds of sources, even on mobile. Experience physics-based sound propagation on a wide range of hardware.

Render physics-based audio into first or higher order Ambisonics. Spatialize Ambisonics audio using HRTF.

Baked Propagation
Calculate physics-based sound propagation at design time to reduce runtime overhead and improve quality for static scenes.

Integrated with the leading game engines and industry-standard audio middleware, and supports multiple platforms.

We look forward to your feedback upon trying Steam Audio and our development tools, now in Beta.


Supported Platforms
PC, MacOS, SteamOS, Linux and Android

Software Integration
Unity, C API, Unreal Engine 4 (Coming soon), FMOD Studio (Coming soon) and Wwise (Coming soon)

Yes I did check the SDK will work with VR and non-VR games so now thinking about it this would be interesting for mods or will be a nightmare :D

Steam Audio:
Main page-…
Download page-…
News page-…
Support page-…
Steam Audio: Spatial Audio Tech Announced, Beta SDK Available Now SteamDB blog post-
Valve is helping developers make their games sound more realistic PC Gamer blog post-…

Alright with that out of the way we have one more week left until the submission for the Redemption contest and we have 24 artists and growing so again next week is the final week and then after that I'll setup a poll for you all to vote on the top 3 which will get the prizes.

Contest info page-
Contest gallery page-…

Now to the vids for the weekend later everyone...

Plutia's Secret (ft. PM Seymour) by Daitomodachi-
Beastmaster - Dota 2 | One Day Cosplay Challenge by Cosplay Genie-
HitManHoovy's Trick by Hoovy Tube-
Black Mesa: Escapade by Run Think Shoot Live-
Gmod Prop Hunt Funny Moments - Wheelchair Cartel by VanossGaming-
The Loneliest Medic by Greatdictator-
The Virgin Killer Sweater by SuckyEngy Izumi-
Cursed Pony Magic: Scootaloo by EDplus777-
Hero TF2 GMV - collab! by Teagan Grey-
ABSOLUTE CREEPS. | GMod Murder (Garry's Mod Funny Moments) by Machinima-
Tracer's Art Corner by Fangos Mangos-
Have You ever heard the Sound of a Rubber Ball Breaking a Window? by BreakneckBanshee-
Vader and His Pals 2 - Blood Money by AJG-
Legacy by Baron-
Hightower In a Nutshell by
Valve News Network:
Interview with Gabe Newell-
Interview Steam Team - Tom Giardino, Alden Kroll & Chris Boyd-

-Shadow out
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